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On Apr. 7th 2014 RAI Channel 3 has televised "Report". It featured a stimulating research on the Italian coffee industry

Three separate, progressively interesting levels of communication could be detected. 


Luigi Odello, I.I.A.C.


Bruxelles, May 2014



The question I am tempted to ask to Report or RAI's Channel Three is: who do you think you serve by sending such a dumbed-down image of Italian coffee? If you really don't feel like displaying the excellence of Italian coffee, at least  make sure not to mistake effect with cause. Could really the Italian coffee industry start such crisis-driven, downward-quality spiral? Do you really mean it?

Report, if you really are after negative vibrations, go ahead and talk to Bronwyn Delacruz  ...




Published on May 7th 2014 by Comunicaffé, in Italian