Luca D. Majer
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"Here's the miracle of Luca Majer's book: his story simply becomes another story between other stories, and all of these stories melt together and create Rock History. Everything is justified, everything is worth keeping, everything is a pleasurable read"
Renzo Stefanel, ExtraMusic Magazine

"With spectacular material knowledge, Luca Majer ranges from highly or less than revealing synchronic facts, great and obscure deaths, to videos of washing machines posted on YouTube, glimpses of Milanese art-rock, with the wonderous highlight of the psycho-sociological analysis of John Cage's concert at the Lirico, on December 1977.
If it is true that real intelligence means being able to combine things that the logical mind  keeps separate, this is an enormously intelligent book
Franco Bolelli, La Repubblica




Lennon/Ono Christmas poster (1969)


Tricky and Pelvis


Marsico, "Funk Sumatra"


Leaflet for John Cage Lirico concert, Milan '77


Electric Miles



A book on rock music spanning from 1961 to 2011 (and more specifically dealing with the 1969-1980 period). Written between 2009 and 2011. Available in Italian, on VoloLibero. One un-published chapter of the book is available in Italian, here. Presentation/performance in Milan, July 14th 2011 here.

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Rock-culture and gun-powder between 1961 and 2011. Featuring:

Beach Boys, Elvis Presley, Frank Zappa, Vito & Karl Franzoni, Jackson Browne, The Beatles, David Bowie, Jimmy Page, Tim Buckley, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, America, Timothy Leary, Robert Wyatt, Ivor Cutler, Miles Davis, Keith Jarrett, Art Pepper, Albert Ayler, Suicide, Kurt Cobain, Joy Division, Pere Ubu, Leon Redbone, Al Aprile, Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, Spiro Agnew, Fontana, Lady Gaga, Alphaville, Paris Hilton, Barack Obama, Joe Bageant, Maurizio Marsico, Ettore Sottsass, Matitaemostatica, Franco Battiato, Juri Camisasca, Alva Noto, Anja Garbarek, Mick Goodrick, B. Fleischmann, Matia Bazar, Il Perigeo, Ferruccio Amendola, Aurelio Gravina, Silvia Cohen, Carmelo e Michelangelo La Bionda, Barry White, Fratelli Righeira, Bono, Sting, Britney Spears and several others.